Whether it is New York or Paris, the fashion world has never been boring

It is always in the news, from celebrities to politicians. But now a day’s trends come and go so fast that people want to know what will replace them. With Artificial Intelligence we will be able to quickly find out trends right on our smartphones.

Whenever you look at a magazine or a newspaper, you can tell whether the content is relevant to your life by just looking at its pictures. The same goes for fashion.

As a result, people will have less time on their hands and will have become far more creative than before as they try new things with different materials every day. We don’t know when they will become robots but today they are already doing it.

In the next decade, China will start to become the fashion capital of the world. As it is now, fashion is an international trend and all over the world are talking about it.

Mostly, people want to wear clothes that are trendy, stylish and fashionable but with a price tag on them. However, in order to achieve this goal, we need a big change in our perception of fashion for it to be possible for everyone or at least for a majority of people. Out of all the different kinds of clothing available today (about 80+), only some have been designed by hand and some come from factories.

In that regard, I would like to share my personal experience while visiting New York City (USA) which has become not only one place where I can buy fashionable clothes but also as a Fashion