We live in a world where money is the primary motivator and when money becomes hungry

Fashion is one of those things that can make you rich or make you poor. If you are not wealthy, then it’s time to be fashionable.

A style guide is an essential information, which outlines the rules and patterns of current fashion trends. The guide helps the consumers know and understand what they should look for in their clothes.

Just like all the other subcultures, fashion is on a rollercoaster. From high street to designer label, from the mainstream to an underground fashion world and from traditional styles to the latest trends.

Fashion experts predict that in five years from now just about everything will be seen as “fashions”. This means that even sportswear, casual wear and makeup will have their own fashions instead of being few variations on same theme.

“With the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, there could be a fashion revolution in Japan. Fashion has always played an important role in society and politics. In the 1960s, popular Japanese designers like Issey Miyake and Christian Dior ushered in the 70s era of “fashion revolution”. Nowadays, young people have their own fashion style and can express themselves through clothing styles such as sportswear or menswear. It is expected that foreign trends will make a comeback after sweltering heat waves. American designers are perhaps going to launch some fierce new lines.”

The high level of style and fashion has never changed for the better. And by 2022, it is expected to become even more digital and interactive.