Trends are really changing over the years

The US is a top fashion destination, both internationally and domestically. In order to stay ahead of the competition and stay relevant to a changing global audience, brands need to innovate and develop new designs on a regular basis. The biggest challenge in this industry is combining creativity with technical proficiency and that requires expertise in fashion design, research, development and production. However, the amount of content generated by designers or brand agencies in the market has reached an unsustainable level.

Fashion is now predominantly digital; the industry needs to revitalise its traditional approach towards making clothes with digital technology but how? Fashion is all about creativity so why not turn it into an algorithm?

According to the International Council of Shopping Centers, there is no country with a bigger clothing industry.

While data shows that fashion trends are constantly changing, our perception of what’s hot and new changes too. According to Style Trends 2016 from The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), “trends in this field don’t change with time – they develop.”

and “a single item can grow or shrink into an entirely different look depending on its popularity at any moment”.

Also according to the same report, “few brands have truly mastered the art of consistently creating new styles – it’s more a matter of riding the crest of one trend for a while and then following it down the other side” but some brands have managed to keep up with trends.