Travel to USA is a very popular pastime in the world

But there are some financial implications when you go out of the country. The biggest and most famous problem is getting back home with enough cash, often it could be even dangerous.

An app that helps to find great places to eat in the USA. Not only does it show you the local restaurant you can try, but also shows reviews and recommended dishes for your next meal.

In the United States, most people travel with a backpack. This means that the bags are heavy, expensive and full of stuff. In order to reduce the weight, some airports have made it mandatory to put your bag in a special lockable compartment. In other airports they have only one lockable compartment and that is not good enough for heavy bags.

The world of travel is growing at an ever-increasing pace. The more we travel, the more we learn about the places we visit. This learning comes to us in many forms, such as books and movies …

The topic of this article is “Traveling in the USA”. To be able to present all the possible things you can do while there, we are going to use a variety of keywords: grocery store, food court, food, supermarket and restaurant (not only). There will also be a set of keywords describing food (e.g.: sub sandwiches), exploring new york and people eating outside.