This talk will focus on fashion trends, the future of fashion and look at 3 major players in the industry

Fashion is one of the most important branches in the world. It’s about people dressing for themselves and for others. Fashion is a crucial part of our daily lives, no matter what we do or who we are. We can not live without fashion, but also it has become a good market for companies that try to create and sell products based on fashion trends.

New York is one of the most visited cities in the USA, so this section topic probably has a very important role when it comes to fashion design. All companies will have to pay attention to how they can be different from other local competitors, how they can offer customers something new and how they can beat competitors with their own style. This section will try to make some historical references about this topic in order to give an idea of what happened.

The importance of style and the desire for a perfect outfit cannot be overstated. Fashion has become an essential part of our lives, a source of pleasure and identity. In the following section we will discuss the fashion trends as well as their influence on our lives.

In 2022, the fashion industry will probably dominate the global shopping, trade and finance. So, it’s all about dressing up and looking good in a very stylish way. It is also about realising your potential as a fashion designer or brand developer. The technology for creating clothing styles is coming so fast that it will soon be possible to produce it at an affordable price.