There is a debate on whether ketchup and tomato should be referred to as two different things or one

There are also other variations of the debate where one thinks that ketchup and tomato must be two different things but it’s not clear which is correct.

In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of both sides of the debate. We will try to describe them in terms that everyone can understand. This article is not an attempt to state clearly if ketchup and tomato are two different things or just one or the other thing but rather an attempt to explain why people might take a particular view on this topic.

Consider the ketchup and tomato section on the menu of an Italian restaurant. The ketchup comes in a glass bottle. It is very hot and has a sweet, smelly taste. The tomato used is normally to be served on the food alone, but here it has been added to the sauce so that it can be eaten as well.

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