The world has seen two major blunders in the history of human development

The first is the invention of sweet potato and the second is the invention of ketchup. Recently, both these topics have been covered in a very negative light because of their negative economic outcomes.

Ketchup and tomato are metaphors for economic growth that are used as an argument against eating sustainable or organic food. The term ‘ketchup’ can be considered as a slang for ‘crappy’. In layman’s terms, it means that something bad will happen if we don’t stop eating ketchup!

As you can see, our introduction was rather mundane and irrelevant to us at first but when we looked deeper into it, we saw that there are many hidden messages hidden within it. Let’s break this down.

Ketchup and tomato are the most frequently used condiments in the kitchen. Though they don’t have a certain flavor, they are a major part of our daily life. They are also commonly confused with one another as ketchup is typically made from tomatoes and ketchup from mayonnaise.

The most famous condiment has always been associated with a certain lifestyle, with food and with love. It is OK to be extravagant, it is OK to have fun and live life on the edge. But if we are going to be trendy and sexy, then we have to add ketchup. Ketchup brings that extra touch of class.