The use of ketchup and tomatoes has been around for a long time in the culinary world

Convincing a customer to purchase your product is not enough. You need to convince them to taste it and buy it too.

This article discusses one of the most complex cases in brand communication – the promotion of an alcoholic drink called ‘Red Bull’ and its potential impact on consumers’ health and health behaviors.

It considers that our society heavily links alcohol with numerous negative health outcomes such as cognitive decline, higher rates of accidents, violent crime, etc., which have led many countries to ban or restrict their sale or consumption. This is partly because alcohol is one of the top 10 most addictive substances across all age groups worldwide, according to some studies by Canadian researchers [4]. In other words, this article.

Unlike the previous examples, this example is about ketchup and tomato. So it requires more robust vocabulary as it is about a more common product.

This example does not use too many words, but it does not have to because the objective is clear enough for us to understand what it means.

This example uses some keywords that are quite common in our vocabulary which helps us to get started quickly with understanding what it says. We can also use this one without keywords if you want or want to be very specific on your copy, like “cheese” instead of “cheese sandwich”.

There are several other ways you can do this as well:

Writing is an art and a craft that needs to be learned. The good thing is that we can learn this art and craft in our free time by creating content for web, social media or mobile apps. There are many tools for creating content such as Leeko, Memedroid or even Google Sheets . But these tools are only based on algorithms and cannot guarantee quality of content generation.