The US is the global leader in fashion

You can see that every year, it’s changing and evolving. In 2022, we will be dealing with trends as a profession, therefore we need to take our time and learn more about what is taking place.

Shipping container homes are increasingly being used by people to live comfortably without having to worry about space or its limitations. There are five different types of home:

1) Garbage Can Home: Made of glass and stainless steel containers without flooring or walls 2) Flatpack Home: Manufactured using cardboard boxes 3) Container Home: Made of containers with roof over them 4) Vertical Village Home: Living inside a vertical house 5) Folded House: A house made out of air mattresses for sleeping However, there is a trade off between comfort

CEO’s in the United States spend around $45 million on clothes every year. In other words, the amount of money spent by individual CEOs on clothing is equal to those who buy products for their homes, office spaces or even for their children. Therefore, it has become evident that we are going to see a lot of innovation in lifestyle apparel in the future and companies such as Google or Apple could play a key role in this revolution when they put their technology into use.