The United States has an enormous and thriving market for food

The country is the world’s leading consumer of fresh produce, importing more than $40 billion worth of fruits and vegetables annually.

It is no easy job in the grocery store; you have to choose from hundreds of varieties of fruit and vegetables, each with its own unique identifiers such as russet dates (which are used in some countries as a long-lasting blood donor) or blueberries that have been raised on farms in Alaska. It can take days to go through all the different choices before you finally make your purchase.

The foods we buy at the supermarket are probably not good for us. They may be high in sugar or low in fiber and

In the US, there is a huge amount of variety in food and shopping. A lot of people go to different stores based on the option in front of them.

“Traveling has a lot more to offer than just sightseeing and a great variety of food. There are some secret pleasures in the US that often get lost in the heat and crowds.”

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