The story of a young boy who is eager to eat the perfect ketchup and tomato

Ketchup and tomato are two of the most commonly used condiments. Every day, millions of people all over the world buy them for their meals. In this section, we will talk about the history of ketchup and tomato.

Introduction: This section talks about how something can get popular without much effort in this country called “The United States”. We also talk about two famous brands – McDonalds and Burger King – whom had started their journey in the US decades.

In a world where food is prepared in more complex ways, it’s no surprise that the ingredients of ketchup and tomato are also complicated – their chemical makeup influences the flavor.

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Ketchup and tomato are two common ingredients that we use on a daily basis. They are often accompanied with condiments such as mayonnaise or ketchup, so they would be the most obvious one when we think of them. However, there is more to them than the fact that they can be found in almost all stores, foods and restaurants.

The story of their creation is not very well known, but it happened right at this moment: In 1843 production of ketchup started in England. The product caught the attention of London’s gourmands who were eager to try it out. Soon after that, an English journalist named Thomas Trotter started selling his tomato catsup recipe with some additional ingredients he had invented himself – earthenware jugs full of water and salt called.