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Pun is the use of two words to create a new meaning. So when you hear ‘ketchup tomato pizza’, the first thing that comes to mind is how can you make a pun? Well here are some things that could be done.

The ketchup brand called Heinz is a market leader in the European food industry. It’s no wonder then that they want to be recognized by their fans and customers as being “the best”. They do this through the creation of a clever marketing campaign aiming at putting ketchup within the reach of everyone. This has happened by introducing online ketchup shopping applications, which allow people to buy Heinz’s products with their smartphones. The company has also recently come up with an initiative to make sure that there are no wastages of food resources, as well as reducing waste caused by products going off-putting due to poor packaging or leakage from leaking containers.

Ketchup is a very complex product. It has different colors, flavors, and ingredients that should be described and detailed with good pictures so as not to be confused by customers and buyers. That’s why it’s important to describe it in detail before starting the writing process in order to avoid confusion. A good story could help customers understand what they are buying and get them interested or at least want to try that product again in order to find out if there are any better alternatives.