The latest trends and what to buy in 2022

Introduction: With new innovations and technologies, the fashion sector is booming just like any other industry.

In the near future, clothing will be manufactured (of course) from a 3D printer. Right now, we use a sheet of paper to create clothes from an image in our mind. And we do it manually.

We are in a phase of rapid transformation of the world. Fashion is one of the most important sectors and has a huge effect on our lives. It is becoming more and more popular with each passing day – fashion designers create something new every morning, designers are designing clothes using big data and machine learning to create the latest fashion trends, consumers want to look good when they go shopping, etc.

It would be great if we can use intelligent methods to help us out when we think we need to change our clothes or purchase some new outfits. This way, one could avoid spending hours in front of the mirror and still look presentable for work or socializing at night.