The fashion season in the USA is usually a big event for the city and its residents

Many people look to see what kind of new clothes or trends are going to be in fashion relevant for them.

Fashion has always been a business, but it is changing rapidly. It’s all about options and customization – we can choose to have a tailored outfit or try on different styles in our favourite colours.

The border between personal and commercial or professional life has blurred as e-fashion enters the market. All design processes are available online and smart clothing can be worn anytime anywhere: in business meetings, while travelling or even while watching TV. This technology will change not only fashion but public opinion as well. A woman wearing a fashionable dress at her work could mean she is more experienced and confident than she really is when meeting clients for the first time. We can’t stop women from dressing herself though: the world looks different when you’re.

The clothing market in the US is expected to grow over 10% in 2022. At that moment, it has not caught up with demand but is expected to rise significantly.

With growth of the market and awareness of price, consumers are ready to pay more for clothes that they want. Autonomous fashion assistants can help them make purchasing decisions based on data analysis and recommendations. This will help them save time and money by allowing them to focus on their favorite styles rather than spending hours looking for the perfect outfit.