The fashion industry is going to undergo changes

We can anticipate major changes in fashion and makeover technologies to help people look their best for the upcoming holidays, with some having the luxury of choosing from thousands of different styles using facial recognition technology. People will be able to shop smart much more easily: they will be able to find a clothing consultant’s recommendation on a website that they can read before they even leave home instead of calling them up. This should reduce customer contact time and help consumers save money.

The future of fashion is bright: Designers are taking inspiration from the world around them and reimagining how clothing is made. We should not be afraid of technology.

This article aims to provide some insights into what is happening in the fashion world in 2018, and how it relates to our lives. The article looks at 60 years of trends and current developments in the industry – from the creation of new materials and new technologies to the evolution of brands such as Gucci, Stella McCartney and Burberry, who all seem particularly relevant today. New technology has not stopped us from wearing clothes as we always have done; rather it has enabled us to own a smarter wardrobe, in a way that no other generation has been able to do before. With more customised clothing came greater access to more diverse cultures which can.