The best way to make ketchup is with tomato

We should not think of writing an introduction with a ketchup and tomato example in it, as it will look like a quick/snapshot approach.

A good approach to introduce the section topic or keywords is by thinking of them as a new content focus on the page. In order to do this we need to first think of what page they are on, therefore we can deliver a concise, professional and informative introduction using this tactic.

Ketchup and tomato are ingredients in a number of different recipes. They are neither one nor the other – they are a combination of both.

A ketchup and tomato story will be an interesting one to tell, while it is common for marketers to use ketchup in their recipes, marketers do not come across tomatoes very often. Using this story as an example may help them understand what people mean when they say “Ketchup is used for adding extra flavour” or “Tomatoes are used for adding extra flavour”.

As mentioned before, if we use the same story and keywords but write on two different aspects, then it will become easier to capture the common idea rather than trying to find out which angle works better across all situations. This also serves as a good practice exercise because.

Ketchup and tomato are two names of the same product. The difference between the two is that ketchup is a liquid while tomato is a fruit and vegetable.