Some of them are used by research and academic institutions in order to generate text for specific purposes

As more and more people start using these systems, it is important to be aware that they are not a substitute for human writers but rather an enhancement.

This is the first instance where ketchup and tomato are used together in a telling way. The aim of the introduction is not to make you learn anything new but rather to get you to read on and force you to join this discussion. It is also interesting because it shows how cleverly a copywriter like me can do something that might seem trivial in another industry.

In this example, we have created an introduction that directly speaks about the topic at hand without introducing it to you before. This results in better retention of time spent reading this article, which increases chances that your readers will come back for more by keeping them hooked into learning about ketchup (the topic) and tomatoes (a topical item).

Ketchup is an ingredient that has a long history. During the Civil War, when it was scarce, the Union military forces needed to have ketchup for their soldiers. Because of this long history, there are many different kinds of ketchup available.

But not all varieties of ketchup are created equal. The important thing about ketchup is its consistency and taste, so you may be asking yourself which kind to choose.

There is no doubt that water-packed tomatoes and vinegar-packed ones tend to be higher in nutritional value and taste better than olive oil-packed ones. But then there are others who think that tomato paste can be more tasty than tomato sauce because it has more flavors than any other condiments in the world combined!