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Clothing is one of the most important aspects of our lives. It has become a prominent topic in numerous products, brands and industries because it enriches our lifestyles. In order to address this trend, fashion companies try to follow trends by introducing more and more material for clothes.

People are increasingly obsessed about their fashion and wants it to be constantly evolving. There is a need for new and innovative trends, which will keep the clients coming back for more.

Fashion is a wonderful topic to write about. It is one of the main industries that people pay a lot of attention to. In the USA, it has also become one of the fastest growing industries and is here to stay. The American fashion industry has already become so big that there are even international brands such as Gucci and Diesel focusing on this market.

Often, the fashion industry is dominated by big brands that have created a system of mass production and distribution. In the US, these brands have become such a “monolithic” industry that consumers are forced to follow them on all aspects of their lives. As a result of this situation, the fashion industry is dominated by companies that have huge influence on people’s lives and often bear little resemblance to customers’ actual tastes.

What do we wear? What do we like? What is fashion and why? Why did the styles and trends come and went in the recent past – what can we expect?