Ketchup is a widely used condiment worldwide

I believe that ketchup is one of the most popular condiments in the world. It’s a staple in almost every dish, from sandwiches and burgers to pasta, rice and salads.

We all have had a number of great experiences with ketchup when we have eaten some. So, I would love to encourage you to try out this new machine created by SAP called KATIKAPUTSI (short for Ketchup Ape).

This machine is able to generate ketchup recipes at scale without any human intervention! The only step required is choosing the right ingredients – tomatoes, peppers, onions and vinegar.

The machines prints a 3D model of the food item you choose on its own and it then automatically creates 3D models for each ingredient. This way you can focus on making tasty meals whilst.

“Ketchup is a sauce consisting of tomato concentrate, sugar, and vinegar. It is often used in the preparation of sandwiches, salads and hot dogs.”