Ketchup is a very versatile food product. It can be served hot or cold

The most common problems when it comes to this product are that it can cause stomach discomfort, and that the ingredients used in ketchup may contain hidden allergens such as nuts. This means that you should avoid ketchup products containing nuts or any other food which you cannot tolerate. Ketchup is also very low in calories and fat, making it an excellent choice for diets aiming to promote weight loss.

Ketchup has been rated as the number one most popular drink in the UK with more than 10% of all sales coming from this product alone!

Ketchup is a very important product in the modern world. No one can deny this fact. But how, exactly, did it come to be?

It was first discovered by a German chemist named Johann Friedrich Pfeiffer in 1769. In order to enhance the flavor of dishes, he developed a chemical process that would transform fat into ketchup using heat and an acid catalyst known as acetic acid. However, there were several serious limitations with this process: It took millions of years to transform enough fat into ketchup, and the ketchup could only be produced by fermenting the flesh of tomatoes or potatoes since neither of these plants had pigmented skins for fermentation. In 1873, John C. Wylie accidentally discovered that tomatoes did have colored skins and acidity which made them suitable for.