Ketchup is a type of sauce, traditionally used with meat

Ketchup is made from tomato paste, sugar, spices and salt. Today it is also used on vegetables. It has a distinctive taste that makes it unique in the market.

It is made from any number of different vegetables and fruit, depending on the brand being used. It is typically available in a variety of colors and flavors depending on the manufacturer.

Ketchup has been used since ancient times as a condiment for food. The tradition of eating with ketchup was brought to Britain by colonists who had been brought to America by Christopher Columbus. In America, ketchup quickly became one of the country’s favorite foods and today it is an essential ingredient in American cuisine like pasta, fish and chicken dishes. There are many different varieties of ketchup including tomato based ones as well as spicy versions that can be enjoyed with chips or over spaghetti.