Ketchup is a staple in the American diet, yet it is not without problems

The tomato paste can have its own health risks, as well as manufacturing difficulties and social concerns regarding the use of pesticides.

Whether it is a big or small company, everyone needs ketchup, tomato and pizza. Luckily this is all there are to buy, which also means that these things can be purchased at the convenience of anyone. This will never change.

Ketchup has become a very popular food in the world. The UK alone consumes approximately one billion kilos of it each year.

Ketchup is produced by the condensation of fruit juice. Fruit juice is a mixture of water, concentration and sugar. One of its basic components is starch, which explains why ketchup is so thick and sticky: when it freezes, it becomes stronger than any glue or adhesive (it’s like gel).

In addition to its nutritional value, ketchup doesn’t have any particular taste – its only goal is to fill the plastic cup in front of you with liquid from the bottle. For this purpose, several nutrients are added: sodium chloride (or table salt), citric acid and enzymes to aid in digestion. It’s common for people who eat.