Ketchup is a sauce made of tomatoes and water

It was first manufactured in 1876 to be used on sandwiches. Since then, it has developed rapidly as a condiment, not unlike pizza and sushi. Ketchup is readily available in supermarkets, restaurants and the like.

Ketchup is a sauce widely used in the foods industry. Its main ingredients are tomato and vinegar, adhering to its rich color as well as taste.

While it is widely known for its bright and vivid red color, ketchup has long been associated with the tart flavor of tomatoes and vinegar. Once people started using ketchup in their meals, they would discover that it was one of the most commonly used sauces. This is when ketchup acquired its name “KETCHUP” after it started being mixed into snacks like milkshakes or Bloody Marys.

After the cuisine changed from sweet pickle to savory dip to spread on bread, people adopted a more neutral image of ketchup. It took this neutral image until 2016 when researchers discovered that a chemical called chicoine.

Ketchup is a common ingredient in many types of food, from pizza to sandwiches to burgers. The Indian market is one of the biggest consumer markets for ketchup, with nearly double its size than that of the European market. As per Government guidelines, no less than 2 lakh metric tonnes (MT) Ketchup must be imported annually by 2023 – but not according to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).