Ketchup is a product that is consumed on almost every meal

It comes in many forms and sizes. Ketchup is used as condiment, sauce, spread and marinade, to name a few.

We are all familiar with tomato ketchup but there are also different kinds of ketchups available like: ketchup made from garlic, chilli and spices; ketchups with herbs like basil; or vinegars like horseradish or mustard chutney.

Ketchup is used to add flavor to food by breaking down the starch in the food into sugars that provide structure and moisture to move the food around better so that it tastes better when it becomes part of the final dish. So we have this item which we can use for different purposes –

1) To add flavor – adding spice

A ketchup is a sauce containing tomato, and it can be served on almost any kind of food. There are several kinds of ketchup, all of which have their own distinct taste.

A food is a complex blend of flavors and textures, which can be made into a ketchup by adding a few ingredients. We need to give people the information about ketchup.