Ketchup and tomato are two ingredients that you can find in almost every meal and food

They both have different attributes like sweetness, oiliness, saltiness and so on.

Ketchup is good for the taste buds of a human being but it is a very bitter ingredient for the teeth of the dog or cat. Likewise, tomato leaves are not fond of anything but they add to the taste of most dishes they eat.

Ketchup is also known as mayonnaise because it is a blend of various oils. Tomato sauces differ from ketchup in that they do not require any oil at all since they have less difference between them as compared to ketchup as well. Ketchup is a strong and spicier condiment that is most commonly used in the United States. A large number of restaurants use it, including McDonald’s, Subway, and Capri Sun.

Ketchup and tomato are staples in many households. People in Kolkata, for instance, eat around 5-10kg of ketchup a year. The most popular brands include Heinz and Heinz’s mainstream variety. It is these two products that the design team at AvidJobs wanted to create.