Ketchup and tomato are two basic ingredients of a meal. They are also called condiments

Ketchup and tomato have different taste, smell and consistency. The difference is so big that they can’t be easily compared. “Taste” is the specific way how we perceive the taste of ketchup or tomato; “smell” is how we perceive the smell of it; “consistency” is how the food looks like after it has been cooked, fried or baked. These three characteristics are important when we want to choose ketchup or tomato for our meals.

Ketchup and tomato are the most consumed condiments in the world. They have a long history of use, from ancient to modern days.

Some brands and products such as Heinz or Kraft Foods use ketchup and tomato to help get the message across about their products. Ketchup and tomato are used for flavoring various dishes.

This article is about how to make your own ketchup and tomato. For many years, people have been buying tomato in the supermarket and so we can say that a lot of consumers know what ketchup is. However, many people are not aware that tomatoes are also included in the product they buy. In addition, there are vast differences between ketchup and tomato sauce. Ketchup is made with vinegar while tomato sauce contains extra fat (sugar).