Ketchup and tomato are always associated with meals

We usually have ketchup on our sandwiches as well as in sauces and dips. However, we cannot really remember the names of all these products that we have when we consume these foods, especially when it comes to ketchup.

Ketchup is not the only product that has to be associated with a meal. Tomato is also another widely consumed food product in the world but its names are not so common either. Examine which name you prefer to associate with your favorite food and then discuss how you can solve this issue.

It was first introduced in the year 1876 by a man called George J. Kohl and his wife Anna, who invented the first bottle made of paper and later on ketchup.

Ketchup is a thick sauce that is usually used as an ingredient to add flavour to food. It is also used in some dishes as a condiment. Here are some great recipes using ketchup, which you can use with any type of recipe like pasta and pizza, sandwiches and salads, sauces and dips etc.

Tomato is a beautiful fruit with red, yellow and green color. They are really great for health because they contain lycopene (which helps protect against cancer) vitamin C (which helps fight diabetes) vitamin B6 (which helps prevent blood clotting) potassium (which helps maintain heart health) iron (which prevents heart disease) phosphorus (which helps combat anaemia) calcium (which fights osteoporosis). This list of beneficial nutrients in tomato may sound insignificant.

In the past, ketchup and tomato were two completely unrelated food items. But years ago they were used in everyday meals.

Today, ketchup is a condiment that we use to add gravy to our meals. We can also sauce our burgers or sandwiches with it but it is usually for people who are not very adventurous about food. Similarly, tomato juice is added to our drinks when we want something sweet or sour but we do not like the taste of ketchup at all. Their combination makes a very tasty and delicious sauce.