It is impossible to have a fashionable outfit on every occasion

However, it is possible to figure out what will be the trend of the season in the USA: New York City has been known as the fashion capital in the world and its style and clothes are always changing.

The fashion industry in the USA is experiencing a huge shift and the trendiest thing for males is to wear multicolour and multi-textured clothes. Multicolour is seen as a symbol of impression, masculinity and power, which attracts the attention from everyone. Multicolour clothing can be worn both by men and women with various outfits, designing ideas and styles.

With the rise in popularity of multi-coloured clothes, more people are getting into it. Even celebrities are seen wearing such clothes frequently (Gucci, Versace). The expanding availability of these clothes has encouraged young people to wear them regularly as well (Koneru, Apolo). Even celebrities like Olivia Munn become more popular by wearing such fashion styles (Ellen DeGeneres). The advertising industry is in a state of constant change. But never fear, there are still some timeless, popular trends that will still flourish and be popular for the foreseeable future. Who knows? There might even be a few fashion trends that never change. In this section you will find out about some of these timeless trends and how they can work in your commercial communication strategy.