In this section, we’re going to look at ketchup as a product in modern life

The name Ketchup comes from the tomato sauce and is one of the most famous condiments worldwide. The word “Ketchup” is pronounced the same way, it’s written with a k sound such as “cress”, “ketchup”, or “khttup”. It originates from the Latin word for potash known as cresmus (Ketchum). In an old Germanic word which meant potash paint, cresmus was spelled with a K instead of with an H. It was later corrupted to Ketchup. The name can be traced back to 10th century English and came into use in 1364 when it began being used for ketchup in the north-west kingdom.

Ketchup is a condiment that many of us are familiar with. While we have all seen it on our pizzas and you, as a customer, may have just bought it to your dinner. That’s actually why ketchup exists in the first place – to give you that extra layer of taste and texture you need on your sandwich or burger.

We eat ketchup not because it tastes good but because it provides the necessary texture. In this industry, we need to provide that texture so customers can enjoy their food more fully and more easily. Ketchup has provided this for decades now but now technology allows us to do so at scale with great efficiency and effectiveness – making sure only one ingredient is added or changed each time we make a sauce or dip from scratch without overdoing it!