In this case cookbooks are written by a human

The author writes about the tomato ketchup recipe, but in a very vague way. This is done so that the reader can be easily confused and finished product (ketchup) will be in their hands.

There is a certain brand that you can’t deny. It’s the one that everyone knows and has tried. Ketchup is a condiment that should be in every household. It goes great with almost everything you can put on your plate, which includes burgers, sandwiches and even food for your pets!

The brand of ketchup is going global, but this doesn’t mean it’s always available everywhere. There are countries where tomatoes have become scarce or have fallen out of favor with the population at large, who prefer to go for other condiments like mustard or mayonnaise instead.

Ketchup and tomato are ingredients in the heart of any good meal. Many people have a problem understanding why ketchup is considered to be disgusting and how this can affect their relationship with other foods.

This article tries to address this topic by explaining the difference between ketchup and tomato. While focusing on this specific topic, the author uses examples from personal experience to help you understand one of the most important topics in life – relationship with food.