In the USA, fashion is a very important industry with a very large market share

In 2018, over 90% of all clothing sales were made in the USA, showing how important this industry is to American consumers.

Although the top retail companies such as Walmart and Amazon are leading their domestic competitors in selling clothes and shoes, global fashion shops like Zara or H&M have a major presence overseas.

Also according to a 2015 survey from ModeTracker Group, almost two thirds of fashion consumers were expected to spend at least 40% of their shopping budget on online platforms.

Fashion is one of the most popular industries in the world. It is a high-functioning industry that needs to be served with a vast range of products and its online systematic market. New York is where the fashion industry has its headquarters, it’s also the place where people try to live their lifestyle, which makes it really popular and very expensive. The cost of living here is almost as good as London or Paris!

There’s a strong trend of shifting from traditional to digital fashion. Electronics, software, apps and cloud storage are all part of this trend. The biggest challenge for American retailers is to deliver the best products in a short time frame with up-to-date customer data from the internet. It’s important that the business has a system to monitor their customers and provide relevant marketing campaigns accordingly.