In the second half of the 20 th century, clothing trends changed and became more abstract

Fashions always change. There is a lot of digital media and technology involved in the fashion industry, for example, brands use more innovative technology and often social media in order to find new customers.

The developments are fast, as well as the growth of the industry. In addition to that, there are several opportunities for everyones’s happiness: you can work with design companies that really have an effect on fashion trends (they can be found on their own website or they can be part of an advertising agency), but also there is no need to wear a jacket if you just want to dance in your underwear (a style I am particularly fond of). Finally, there is no need to buy expensive clothes because you keep choosing what you like best until it fits perfectly (this happens when shopping though.

The fashion industry is leading the way in technology advancements and a thriving business. Although we have been living with robots lately, as technology evolves, so do our clothes. Artificial intelligence in fashion has been present since around the year 2000.