In 2016, Microsoft started using voice recognition software to generate billions

Ketchup and tomato are two essential condiments in a variety of everyday foods such as sandwiches and pizza, while they also taste delicious when cooked. But the two flavors do not mix very well together, so now KetchupKing, a startup from San Francisco, is trying to solve this problem with AI-powered ketchup typing. Ketchup typing is a set of simple commands for you to use with your voice in order to create new ketchup recipes. To make things more exciting, you will be able to connect your account on Twitter and post your creations on Facebook or Instagram.

“We like to think of our creations as being unique and long lasting. But is there something that we can do to make our products more successful?

Tomatoes are always good for our diets, but it’s also an excellent natural source of all sorts of important nutrients for us and the planet. So how do we achieve a balanced, healthy diet?”

The introduction introduces the main points in the topic, including a short description about what ketchup is useful for while tomato is more suitable for a side dish. It also mentions that the writers are doing this so they can help them live healthier lives by creating content that people will enjoy eating.

Ketchup and tomato are two of the most prominent ingredients of the famous condiment. What is this unique about them?