Fashion is an industry and a lifestyle

It is about how we express our individuality, how we dress for the occasion, and how we feel about ourselves. A trend can go from a fashion statement to your wardrobe or from a brand to your life.

There are some trends that go on forever, like flannel shirts and Harley Davidson motorcycles; others that last only one season, like Lily Allen’s first album or berets with the hood up. However, there is one trend that has been around for decades now: men’s suits in black, white and navy blue.

In the US, fashion is more and more a part of our daily lives. In the next few years we will see it become even more popular than it is now. We shall see the people beleiving in this trend and causing mass hysteria on social media.

In the USA, shopping can be seen as a stressful job – who wants to go shopping but has to? Being in a hurry, while trying to find what you need most can get you into some pretty tense messes with retailers and other customers.

Fashion in USA is changing and has changed a lot in recent years. It is no longer about trends and looks. Now, it’s all about money, power and style.