Fashion is a very popular industry in USA, as it was in the past

But if you have been to New York you might have noticed that the same trends don’t exist there anymore. End of fashion models, now wear glasses and all you can find there are branded clothes for kids or for old people which are not stylish at all.

This section will discuss the fast growing fashion industry in USA, and the rise of US high street brands that dominate fashion trends.

Fashion is not just about clothes and the latest trends. It is also about the lifestyle of people who wear them.

Fashion in USA, New York includes clothing styles, movie fashion, high heels, hats and other accessories for women.

This section discusses fashion trends in 2019 that include: skirt length; trousers or trousers; skirts or pantyhose; sneakers or running shoes; shorts or leggings etc.. In addition to this section are several images such as women’s sexy outfits with stockings and high heels etc.