Fashion is a powerful way of personalizing and advertising because it can be very expressive

Different elements of the communication can adjust depending on what people want to hear or see.

I will explore the relationship between fashion and technology in an attempt to determine if there is a case for further development of this field.

It will give data on the rising trend towards digitalization of clothing and accessories, as well as an analysis on trends through the years (e.g., in 2017, we may say that by far, most men chose black jackets instead of white one). Then we will take a look at some fashion trends from 2026, when more than 60% more people are expected to be online than online back then (we could say that nowadays it is more fashionable never.

Many companies are now investing big money in their digital presence, looking for ways to stay relevant in the online world. With this trend many retailers are rolling out new campaigns and products which will be available only to the members of their loyalty scheme.

If you don’t like the new trends in 2019, you will definitely not like them in 2022.