Fashion is a business that continues to evolve

In the future it will be a global industry where companies will be able to offer their customers unique products and services that are not available in other markets.

The most challenging part of our lives are the big decisions we have to take and the most important ones are made by men – based on their appearance and clothes. This is why men pursue fashion in a major way in order to define themselves. And the same applies to women who love fashion and work closely with it.

Fashion is a very complex thing and not everyone can get it right, even if they try their best. The key element of fashion lies in style, which is much more complicated than at first sight may lead you to believe. Style is not only about colors, sizes, shapes or patterns but also about form and materials used. This chapter will discuss some of the most popular brands that represent styles that have been copied over time: Nike’s Air Max line, Adidas’ Adizero collection