As the industry evolves and changes, so does the way we wear clothes

There are many different styles in the market and designers have to come up with innovative solutions to stay competitive.

We can see this trend in the fashion industry with clothing trends developed by designers for their customers.

According to the latest report on global fashion sales, the USA will remain the dominant market for 2018. During 2018, it is estimated that US consumption of clothing, footwear and accessories will reach 5.2 billion dollars and since 2010 has grown at an average annual rate of 5% – 7%.

We can expect a similar trend in the future too where clothes are all about spending and getting more money. So we need to be prepared for all kinds of situations in which we will be wearing clothes or even shopping for clothes – from trips abroad to street markets or just going out with friends on a weekend.

Ever since the world began, people have been dressing up. And it has changed over the years. Going from simple dresses, to fancy suits and then to modern day fashion trends.

Artificial intelligence is about to change the future of fashion for good. It can do things that humans cannot do and it will allow designers to make clothes not only look good but also fit in with our lifestyles as well as meet our desires and wants while they use them.