According to the American Fashion Council, we will see a big change in the fashion industry by 2022

The digitalization of the industry will see fewer fashion designers creating clothes. In addition, smart devices like Google Glass are already creating clothing style trends that we can not even imagine.

It is important to design something new and fresh with each passing passing day if you want your brand to stay relevant and attract new customers for a long time. We need to be able to provide our products or services with some sort of charm which is why we should add some pizzazz into them by going with a bit of vintage touches from time-to-time.

In order for us to do this well, we need a lot of support from our creative team when it comes to coming up with innovative concepts that still look fresh.

What are the trend in fashion in USA? What is the current status of fashion? What are the trends of 2022?

The fashion industry has been one of the emerging industries in the world. We look forward to seeing new trends and styles in the next decade.