A whole lot of changes are in store for the future of fashion in 2019

As per a report by Utne, Style Weekly and Time, there is a 5% chance that the top 12 designers will lose their jobs over the next 5 years. This number is expected to hit 20-25% for all top brands by 2020.

With the increase in the use of smart devices to access information, fashion has become a trending topic. Fashion trends are changing so much that they can be hard to predict.

Here I will discuss on some of the most popular and well-recognized fashion trends in USA and New York City. In 2022 there will be an explosion in fashion and consequently it is expected that more people are going to start wearing clothes with integrated technology features like augmented reality, virtual reality or even drones to complete their outfit.

The fashion sector is a major economic pillar in the United States, as it has been for many decades. Over 80% of the U.S economy is made up of the leisure and leisure-based sector, which includes various retail, hospitality and services enterprises such as restaurants and shopping malls.

The advertising industry has seen a rise in the recent years. The growth was largely owing to the rise of digital advertising methods such as social networks like Facebook and Twitter, mobile applications for mobile phones, e-commerce platforms like Amazon which offer e-commerce solutions through their website (e.g., Amazon Prime), websites like eBay etc.. This influenced fashion industry too to embrace technology to increase brand awareness and sales by creating new product categories from niche markets like clothing or shoes that are not covered by mainstream brands or industries.