A common complaint with the rise of fashion brands in the USA is that everyone wants to buy new clothes

Fashion is one of the most important areas for people in USA. But what does it mean for those who spend their lifetime in this field? How can I be more creative? Can we create the next generation of fashion designers?

People are always interested to know what will be possible and what is feasible in a few years, maybe even more than that. So it seems worthwhile to take a look at our society today, at some future time when we will have an insight into things which are not yet dreamed. Then, let’s start thinking about how far fashion can go in the next decade or two. We are going to figure out how much invisible energy from mankind goes into this world of fashion and clothing, and then we’re going to try to find ways for cheap energy producers like ourselves do something about it.

One of the most popular trends in fashion today is reduced silhouettes with a focus on the details.

“The cool thing about the ’20s is that it was very colorful, and that’s still true in many ways — especially in certain trends. There are patterns that work on everything from jeans to dresses.”